Cafe Life



Cafe life seemed to grow with Starbucks. Now we seem hopelessly addicted to coffee! It is rare to see a person in Seattle without a coffee cup in their hand. I just drank two cups of coffee writing this blog.

I began my novel, “Providence of Souls” in our local cafe, “Pioneer Coffee.” I showed up, moved in with my computer, my journal, and a pen, and researched Italy until I had a story. I kept writing at home, at coffee shops, in my car during carpool, between housework chores, and in all of my free time.

I was fortunate to be asked to join a writer’s group called “SnoValley Writes.” We meet every Friday at “The Black Dog” cafe for creative comradery.

Mike Ditka says, “It’s (coffee is) the life-blood that drives the dreams of champions.”

Sometimes we just need to show up and drink a lot of coffee to reach our goals. “Drink the coffee!”


4 thoughts on “Cafe Life

  1. Between Pioneer and The Black Dog, I wonder how many words have been written? I know in my own work it’s hundreds of thousands.


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