Filling your Soul

Moving to Seattle, WA was all that everyone said it would be for, well, weather. Rain Rain Rain! They didn’t exaggerate like I thought they had. It did, however, lend itself to writing my novel, “Providence of Souls.” Once in awhile I even scared myself writing alone in my little shed in the darkness of a rainy day. I would peer behind myself feeling like I wasn’t alone after all.

However, the most beautiful place I have ever found is in Seabrook, Washington. It is simply called “Seabrook.” Seabrook is a New Beach Town located on the Washington Coast. If you are old enough to have watched the Andy Griffith Show, then you remember Mayberry. A sweet little angelic town now frozen in time on television reruns. Ron Howard, the famous movie director, played the young boy named Opie. Seabrook is the new Mayberry.

Make sure you click the link above to tour the town full of lovely beach houses from 1-2 person cabins, to family-reunion sized homes. With the link you are able to tour the insides of the homes and see how creatively they were decorated. The neighborhood is just one road away and a flight of steps away from miles of sandy beaches. There is also a restaurant, market, and some retail shopping including: a doggie store, decorating store, beach bike rental, paint-your-own ceramics studio, and wine shop.

Seabrook is near Ocean Shores, WA if you want to hook up any fishing tours, go to the grocery store, or other miscellaneous errands. But, I promise you, once you set foot on the Seabrook property, you won’t want to leave. Bring most of your groceries in and bring your gear for; kite flying, smores making, swimming, reading, crafting, writing, hiking, and relaxing. Don’t forget beach blankets to drive onto the beach and have a bonfire with hotdogs and smores.

I spent some time all alone at Seabrook in a tiny cottage while I taught myself, with my editor, Casondra Brewster’s suggestions, how to write a book. That was about five full drafts ago. But when I wasn’t writing I; watched the ocean, listened to nature, built a campfire, lit the cozy house fire, and read. I filled my soul with creativity.

Where do you go and what do you do to fill your soul with creativity?

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